I was at your presentation today at Relevant High School and my friends and I were all very moved by your presentation. I did not expect to cry or anything but I definitely did and when you told your story it really opened my eyes and was very informative. When my brother came home for Christmas break, he went out to a party in our brand new dodge rumblebee. And that night when i was asleep I suddenly woke up at 3am for no reason and the next thing I hear is my dads phone ring and I knew something was wrong. I listened to my dad speak to him and i then got very scared he was in trouble.. So then my parents quickly rush out of the house and they tell me he got into an accident. He apparently had a few beers and slipped on the ice straight into a pole. I was so thankful.. extremely thankful he was perfectly fine. But, unfortunately the truck was totaled. I have been so mad that he ruined our beautiful truck because I was really in love with it and I was going to drive it when i got my license. And your presentation made me realize even more the most important thing is that he is ok and still here with me because he is the best brother anyone could ask for. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope you keep doing so. 

Tickle the Dream :)
I was at your presentation today at Relevant High SchoolAnonymous