The Society respects and appreciates everyone who have taken the time to send us their stories/messages.  They are truly heartwarming and so encouraging.


“…just wanted to say that your an awesome speaker, truly inspirational. I can guarantee that you’ve put a tear in everyone’s eyes.
You and your son Jay are my inspiration. I want to one day become some sort of speaker, psychiatrist, writer, or SOMETHING that’ll get me to help people, and put a meaning into their hearts. You and Jay definitely put a meaning in my heart, and several thoughts that I’ll always keep in mind; don’t be stupid, cherish what you have, seek out your dreams, and be there for friends or loved ones that are going through the worst.
It’s interesting too, recently I’ve been trying to research successful people, and looking for some sort of life philosophy.
I tried reading the New Testament, but I feel like God has something bigger in store for me that his son’s words don’t have.
I tried reading “The Secret 101”, which is an alright book. It goes on about the “law of attraction”; if you think about your dreams and have an positive attitude, the universe will attract to that thought and grant you what your heart desires, like some sort of genie in a lamp.
Too good to be true, right? Well, that’s exactly what it was. I tried it out for awhile, but didn’t work out. Then suddenly in middle of science class, we get called to an assembly, and this big bald guy walks up, and the first thing he does is insult ALL of us, by saying that my poor lil’ iPhone is some sort of serial killer!
But what he continued to tell us in the next hour and an half, was life-changing. He told us that we treat life and death like some sort of game of spin the wheel. Not just our own lives, but the lives of others as well.
“what does this guy know? He’s just an intimidating old man speaking like he’s knows how the world rotates.”
Oh, but he does know. Several times he has witnessed other kids put their friends and themselves on hospital beds, and death beds. One of those kids, was his own son.
That bald guy’s presentation (btw, his name is Greg) and his son Jason, inspired me and really caught my attention. Not a book that says to wish for things to happen, not a story of successful people like Steve Jobs, but simply a father, who misses his son, and wants to prevent any other parent from feeling like what he does…(Student)”


“Thank you so much for your presentation today at HCI. You’re presentation was by far the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a few. A lot of the speakers I’ve seen just say “don’t drink and drive” and then tell their story. I appreciated how you mentioned other problems teens face and what the consequences of them are. Mentioning those topics gave some variety and I think it just made everything more relatable for everyone. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me that you stressed that we’re not alone and that we all have people who care about us. I will never forget that. You said that you wanted your message to get across to just one person in that school, and I can proudly say that it got across to me. I’ve already started to change the way I think and I plan to continue. Again, thank you so much, you don’t know how much this presentation means to me.” L L. Gr.10 Humbolt, SK

“Hello Greg! I just wanted to say your presentation was fabulous today. Definitely touched a lot of us! I think what you do is great as well, Us kids have to know what we are getting ourselves into. I did what you said and gave my parents a hug when I got home 🙂 my friends and I from Sadd are so very happy you came so thanks oh haha and thanks for shooting hoops and teaching us the muscle memorization. After you left I shot some with my eyes closed and got quite a few in! Im going to go and tickle my dreams, thanks once again 🙂 (Student)”


“I would like to thank you again for your powerful presentation at our school this week.  Our entire student body was moved by the presentation and we have had very positive reviews since talking with our students.  I have never seen our student body show such emotion from a presentation at our school.” (Teacher)

“I am an EA and SADD advisor at Kamsack Comprehensive Institute. I want to thank you for speaking at our school! I was moved by your presentation, as were many others. I believe you made an impact on the students here at KCI. Many students were talking about the presentation throughout the rest of the day! Thank you again! Don’t stop doing what you do!”(Teacher)

“I go to Campbell colligiate, a school that you recently visited. I would just like to thank you for visiting because you made a huge impact that’s is already evident in out school. Personally I have decided to slow down and now I rarely take my car over 2000 RPM (also saves me, a broke high school kid a lot of gas money). Today I did something that I believe was influenced by the stories of your son. On the way out of our school I noticed a girl sitting on the bench by the door crying. Thinking of you and Jay I did what was right and sat down to talk with her. She had been going through some pretty bad times so I did my best to comfort her and make her laugh. Thinking of when you felt ignored by your friends I made a deal with her to chat every day. I believe you really made a difference in a school and especially in me. What you are doing is truly great, you are changing the lives of many and maybe even saving them. Thank you for what you have done for me and everyone else. You are a very brave man for doing what you are doing and you are deffinatly a hero in my eyes.” (Student)

“Thank you so much Greg. You not only inspired me but help me let out the tears I was afraid to release. You came to my school today (Belmont Secondary) and not one presentation I have heard impacted me as much as what you said. I would also like to thank you for the hugs, and the fact that you listened to me. When I came home I gave my mom a huge hug and told her how much she meant to me.” (Student)

“I just wanted to say how much your presentation had an impact on me. Whenever I would hear about reckless driving or the consequences of it I would shrug it off and not pay much attention to it. But for some reason your story hit me hard and made me face the gravity of reckless driving. You have no idea how hard your speech hit me and my friends around me. You’re truly an inspiration to all, and I’m so amazed that you have the courage to do what you do despite the heart ache and nightmare that you have been through. (Student)

“Today you gave your presentation to my school (Belmont Secondary). I would just like to say how emotional your speech made me. I don’t usually get that way but everything you said made so much sense. I will be sporting your sticker on my back window of my truck for as long as I can. I vow to be a R.A.T.T and will continue to provide good advice to my friends.” (Student)

“Thank you so much for sharing your story with us today. It was heartbreaking, but the most impacting presentation I have ever received. We are always told the statistics of fatalities from impaired driving, but never attach emotions because it is a number. The way you spoke to us today had a completely different effect, and I know your message got through to so many people because of how powerful it was. ” (Student)

“We appreciate the enormous sacrifice that you make bringing your message of safety in driving to our children.  Each presentation you must relive the death of your son, each presentation you must embrace the wave of grief as you share your story in order to have an impact on your audience.  After the presentation, you patiently listen to the stories of loss and sorrow from our students, you hug and console them and cheer them up to move forward.  You answer their emails, you follow through all in the hopes of perhaps saving only one child’s life.  What a triumph, to save one child’s life, to spare the tears of one family, one group of friends, one small town.” (Teacher)

“About 3 or 4 years ago you came to my high school (Sentinel Secondary School) and talked about something no parent should have to. I’m upset that I’m writing to you so long after but I feel better late than never. At the young age of 15 or 16, I too felt like I had “Superman Syndrome”, I felt like nothing bad would ever happen to me and that I was pretty much invincible. I’m a first year student in University now and for one of my classes I was asked to write to someone who had changed my life. Even though you don’t know me, I want you to know that your presentation did change my life and maybe even did save it. After your presentation and especially after seeing the vehicle, I couldn’t even comprehend how I felt – I had a new respect for driving and my life.”  (Student – 4 years after the presentation)

“Hi, this email is for Greg  Drew, I’m not sure if this is Greg directly, but if it isn’t I would so appreciative if it was passed on to him.
About 3 or 4 years ago you came to my high school (Sentinel Secondary School) and talked about something no parent should have to. I’m upset that I’m writing to you so long after but I feel better late than never. At the young age of 15 or 16, I too felt like I had “Superman Syndrome”, I felt like nothing bad would ever happen to me and that I was pretty much invincible. I’m a first year student in University now and for one of my classes I was asked to write to someone who had changed my life. Even though you don’t know me, I wan’t you to know that your presentation did change my life and maybe even did save it. After your presentation and especially after seeing the vehicle, I couldn’t even comprehend how I felt – I had a new respect for driving and my life. I drive a ’04 Mitsubishi Eclipse, which is modeled after the Eagle Talon, I paid cash for it myself at age 17. It’s a fast car and I can promise you that every time I’m going into a corner and I feel even just the tiniest bit unstable; I think about you and your son. I also can promise you that I’m one of the safest drivers around. I’ve been challenged to many street races because of the car I own and every single time I’ve walked away, I’ve walked away because of that presentation you did. I’m a VERY competitive person and take almost any challenge someone gives me, sometimes just to prove a point, but never a street race. I want you to know that I can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am for you coming to speak to my school, you made a difference in my life and I hope you continue to speak to as many high school students as you can to make a difference in theirs as well. I think about the words you said so often and they hit me so hard, they stuck in my brain like nothing ever has before and I appreciate that so much. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for you to speak about what happened to your son (coming from a mother of a 4 month old), but I’m glad you do because your saving many other high school students lives; including myself. I wish I had more to say about how thankful I am but I can’t even begin to explain. I hope this email means something to you and I hope that you can feel accomplished that your presentation really touched me and completely changed my life.

L. H.”

I just took in your presentation at Carman Collegiate. So many parents will not realize the life changing impact you have on their kids. I am not only a teacher here at the Collegiate, but I also have two teenage sons that sat in the audience hanging on your every word. As a parent I so appreciate your sacrifices to help my kids. Sharing Jay’s life and your pain the way you do speaks to the heart and makes an impact. I am thankful for your vulnerability and the ‘tough love’ you are dishing to our youth. It is a life message they need to hear.

Your presentations make a difference!” (L. Teacher)

“Hi Greg, I was at your presentation today (Nov. 20th) at Vincent Massey Collegiate in Winnipeg, where I have been teaching for 10 years. We see a presentation of this type each year, but I can honestly say that your presentation today was truly amazing. You spoke from the heart, with passion, bared your soul for no less than 90 straight minutes. If this wasn’t your best presentation ever, I would have a hard time believing it! You held our attention and relayed your message like no presenter I have ever seen before. It was magical and I commend you for unbelievable skill as an orator and presenter! You were fantastic. I have never seen a presentation about safe driving affect the kids as much as your did today. I will have the image of the huge line-up of kids waiting to give you a hug forever…you are doing amazing work, Greg, and your message is sticking with our kids. Please, keep going as long and as far as you can. I have the utmost respect for what you are doing. I will certainly carry your presentation and it’s message with me for a long time.

I am sorry for your immense loss. You have found a way to take this tragedy and turn it into something wonderful. You are a difference maker! And I thank you for making me think, cry and ache today. I can’t say enough about how much I admire your strength and courage. You are a hero and a role model for all of us, sir.

Wishing you continued success with your tour and with Jamming 4 Jay.” (Teacher)

Speechless. And this coming from an ELA teacher that rarely shuts up. Greg, that was amazing. I (Shane) was the Student Council teacher advisor that helped you and your gal (what a lovely lady) out today. I’ve never seen a gym crowd at Massey captivated like that for every word that you delivered. A veteran Massey teacher said in an email that in all the years that he’s been at the school (33 yrs)… actually, let me copy and paste what he said:

In my years at VMC, this was the most powerful presentation I have ever witnessed. An honest, direct, effective, heart-wrenching presentation.  If this talk doesn’t make students (and adults) smarter, better drivers, nothing will.”

“I 100% agree. Hold your head up VERY high sir, you effected change in far more than 1 person today.  could feel that change in the gym.” (Teacher)

You’re presentation was truly heart wrenching, far to often we have stories that are laughed off before the presenter is even done talking. My parents are both “tough love” parents, and I’ve always had a rough time dealing with them. I rarely ever drink, and I’ve never been drunk, never been exposed to drugs, and would never touch them if I was. Although my story is fairly bland, I appreciate the message you are sending to us as youth, and I would like to personally thank you for telling your story. I think your message is an important one, and needs to be expressed more to the drivers of today’s society. B. ” (Student)

Thank you very much for taking the time to come to my school today. I know it isn’t easy for you to jump from school to school but I appreciate it so much. BC” (Student)

“Mr. Drew
Absolutely amazing presentation today.  I really do believe you surpassed your goal and reached WAY more than 1 kid today and a few adults as well.Great message, and I hope you are able to tour North America one day to tell your story.  Keep going on strong, Jay would be truly proud. You ARE a hero because of what you do. Nov 24 14. ” (Teacher, PSSD)

I just wanted to tell you how much your presentation impacted our school (Vincent Massey). Your message was spread all over social media. So I congratulate you on being able to share your story with others and keep them from making mistakes. (Only someone incredibly strong would be able to power their grief into a movement for good).” (Student)