Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purpose of the Jammin’ 4 Jay Charitable Society?

Our purpose is to provide advice, knowledge, resources and guidance to Canadian youth in order to promote safe driving practices and to illustrate the consequences of their poor choices.

Who does the presentations?

Greg Drew, Jay’s father who was a career firefighter in the Lower Mainland shares his professional and personal experiences with his audiences.

What is the presentation about?

After losing his son to a high speed car accident, Greg Drew decided to share Jay’s story with young audiences in order to promote safe driving choices. Greg says, “that through his Presentations that if he can impact one young adult, then his day has been a success”.
The loss of a child affects family, friends and has a ripple effect on the entire community that is left behind to grieve.
Greg seeks to avert such tragedy.

When is Greg available for presentations?

Greg is available upon request. Greg says, “say when and where and I’ll be there.”

Where has Greg done these presentations?

In high schools, driving schools, juvenile detention centres, community centres and even in his own backyard. Greg’s presentations have ranged from audiences of several hundred to that of a direct one-on-one with a concerned parent and child.

How did the Music Festival begin?

It all began 15 years ago as “Onion Fest”, a yearly musical remembrance in honour of a late Firefighter, Paul Iannone. For the first eight years a local dairy farmer graciously donated his hay wagons to serve as our temporary stage. In 2002 a permanent stage was constructed in eight days with the help of firefighters and friends. While admiring and celebrating what we had just constructed it was agreed we come up with a name for the stage, it was then that someone suggested the “A-Paul-O Theatre”. In 2004 our music festival was renamed “Jammin’ 4 Jay” after Greg’s son Jay died. The Jammin 4 Jay Music Event is the major fundraiser for the Jammin’ 4 Jay Charitable Society.

What is the goal of the Jammin’ 4 Jay Charitable Society?

Our goal is to travel across Canada to promote safe driving practices.

Find all information about the event here.

How can I donate?

On the homepage of our website, on the right sidebar you will see a donation icon. By clicking this button you will be directed to the Jammin’ 4 Jay Charitably Society Donation site on Paypal.

Your donations are greatly appreciated. People like you make it possible to continue our efforts with the charity. All of these ventures cost money. Our truck and trailer to transport Jay’s car, our promotion packages, our website maintenance, production costs, and live music presentations. None of which would be possible without the generous donations of others. Thank you so much for your support.

We hope to further expand our message in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. 10 years after Jay, we are still pushing forward to provide advice, knowledge, resources and guidance to youth in Canada, promoting safe and responsible driving.

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