I'm one of the students that you spoke to today at Relevant High School. I just wanted to thank you for doing what you do and sharing your story. I've never been the type to put myself in dangerous situations  but today you've really made me realize just how precious our lives are and how quickly all of our dreams and goals can be taken away from us. We aren't invincible. The pain I heard in your voice today when you spoke about Jay also made me realize the suffering I am capable of putting the people I love through. I never want to cause my family so much misery. I honestly could feel you touching each and everyone of our hearts today. And there a few kids who are not the safest drivers and I really hope you changed the way they think. I have been thinking about Jay and everything you said all day and I know that I will always think of him everytime I get behind the wheel of a car. Also, I live in walnut grove so knowing that Jay went to the high school two minutes away from me made it even more real and shocking for me. I was choking up just telling my parents the story, so for you to be able to speak to kids about it all the time is absolutely amazing! I'm sure wherever Jay is, he is super proud of his dad! :) 

So thank you once again and please keep doing what you do! R.I.P. Jay <3
I'm one of the students that you spoke toEric Hamber