I was one of the grade 11 students at the presentation you did at D.W. Poppy Secondary today. I can promise you that I speak my mind, and I don't give out false compliments. We've had a few speakers before you, to show us the effects of irresponsible driving, and I'll be honest, going into the gym today, I thought it would be a lot like the ones I've seen before, and we'd be preached at for a while, and then reminded to make good choices. I had to idea how much my view could change in one day. Without being cliche, I feel like in the single hour that you spoke to us, my entire attitude towards driving changed, and I will never forget the lessons you (and Jay) taught me today. I'm scheduled to get my 'N' in just over a month, and your story could not have come into my life at a better time. I've always known that I'd never drink and drive, but you never think about just driving recklessly. I truly feel that what you're doing is saving lives, touching hearts, and saving heartache from many people.  My my odds are statistically lower because of the fact that I'm a girl, but that's giving into the "Super(wo)man Syndrome", which is something that now I will never allow myself to do, and I promise you that. 

You mentioned that in your career, you've never been called a hero. I'd like to say that you are a hero. I'm sure Jay, after seeing all the lives you've touched, would agree. Thank you so much for sharing your story! Please continue what you're doing!
I was one of the grade 11 studentsAnonymous