Hey there! 

I just wanted to thank you so much for taking out some time out of your life and coming out to our school to educate not only me but also the youth of our school who are one day also going to become new drivers. I've seen and listened to many speakers in my high school years as I was originally from a public school but I have never ever in my whole life been moved by a speaker like you. To be honest, this visit that you made to our school definitely changed my driving habits. I'll admit it, I usually speed and was pulled over for street-racing with a fellow student at our school and I we really didn't get the idea because the policeman just handed us tickets and didn't really scold us or anything. However, by listening to your presentation today I have completely changed my views on driving. I just want to let you know that your doing the right thing by doing these presentations at schools all over the lower mainland because you definitely changed my life. I could really say that you're my hero because if you didn't save my from my bad driving habits I might not have been so lucky the next time I sat by the wheel. 

Thanks Greg!
I just wanted to thank you so muchAnonymous