Telling It Like It Is

Greg Drew

Jay’s father and public speaker, Greg Drew

Retired veteran firefighter Greg Drew has seen more than his share of roadside carnage during his decades of public service. As a fire fighter, he has often faced the grim task of attending and assisting in situations involving serious bodily injury and trauma. But despite his many years of experience, nothing could have fully prepared him for the sight of witnessing his own son Jay trapped inside a car after a high speed crash. After hitting a tree with tremendous force, the impact broke bones in three of the young man’s limbs. His 6’5″ frame was so badly injured upon impact that he was forced to sit conscious for an hour and a half with a broken femur in his ear while being extracted from his demolished Eagle Talon, all in his father’s presence. Greg takes his audiences through the crash scene from the unique perspective of both fire fighter and father, from crash scene to hospital ward, the place where he held his son’s hand as he watched his son take his last breath. Greg makes it clear to his audiences the ripple effect that occurs when a young life is so tragically lost; how it affects not only family and friends, but the entire community. He has made it his personal mission to tell Jay’s story as a cautionary tale to illustrate how wrong choices can have devastating, permanent consequences. Greg’s presentations empower his audiences with the tools they need to get out of unsafe situations involving vehicles and driving.

His personal message of both loss and hope is a painful, yet inspirational message for people of all ages, being a wake-up call for youth, and a poignant reminder for adults alike. Greg has received hundreds of letters and testimonials which answer not only to the impact of his presentations, but to his courage in making very public the private side of a firefighter’s story of personal loss. His unique style and perspective takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster from laughter to tears and back. Greg’s unforgettable presentations instil a keen sense of awareness about the importance of making safe driving choices -and staying alive. We at the Jammin’ 4 Jay Charitable Society invite you to support Greg in his mission as he takes the audience on the ride… for their life.

"Tickle the dream. And if we all tickle the dream together I bet we can make it laugh out loud."

“Tickle the dream. And if we all tickle the dream together I bet we can make it laugh out loud.”