Who are we?

The Jammin’ 4 Jay Charitable Society is a registered non-profit Society incorporated in 2007 in honour of Greg Drew’s son, Jason (Jay) Stanley Drew (1985 – 2003). Our purpose is to provide advice, knowledge, resources and guidance to youth in Canada in order to promote safe and responsible driving. Greg Drew, a professional firefighter will take audiences on an emotional journey with stories from his job, and from the phone call informing him his 17 year old son Jay had been in a serious high speed car crash. Since his first presentations in 2004, Greg describes what it was like to see his son trapped in his car for an hour with three broken limbs, to the conversation he had with Jay prior to his surgery, and what it was like to hold Jay’s hand when his heart beat its last beat on May 14, 2003.

As well as his many tragic tales he shares, it is the impact that he leaves on the kids when they see Jay’s car with his size 15 shoes still wedged under the dash and the total devastation of the car that no amount of pictures can do justice to. It’s a must see.

The Society purchased a custom built enclosed car trailer to transport Jay’s car. The loss of a child affects family, friends and has a ripple effect on the entire community that is left behind to grieve. Greg seeks to avert such tragedy and to prevent other parent’s from suffering from what he calls DKS (Dead Kid Syndrome).

Presentations are conducted in high schools, driving schools, juvenile detention centres, community centres, and even the presenter’s own backyard. Audiences have ranged from several hundred to that of a direct one-on-one with a concerned parent and child.

Truck and Trailer 2014